5 Best Business Schools in California

Due to its outstanding educational infrastructure, California has become an education hub and attracts not only domestic but foreign students as well.

This state houses some of the best business schools which boast of world class facilities and reputed alumni network. Following is the list of 5 best business schools in California.

Stanford Graduate School of BusinessStanford Graduate School of Business

This private university is located in Stanford and is one of the best B Schools in the state. It is more expensive than the other schools, but at the same time, its cut off lists and number of faculty is also higher than the average of other B schools in the country.


Haas School of BusinessHaas School of Business

It is located in the lovely backdrops of Berkley. The average age of students opting for this public university is 28 years and a regular management course will cost anywhere around $157,000.




UCLA Anderson School of ManagementUCLA Anderson School of Management

It is also one of the expensive and popular B school located in Los Angeles, California. It offers a wide range of management courses with a regular 2 year course costing you around $146,000.


USC Marshall School of BusinessUSC Marshall School of Business

Considered as amongst the most expensive business school in California, USC Marshall School of Business is a worthy investment due to its high pay packages. Located in Los Angeles, it requires a lot of paperwork and a good GMAT score to get into this premier institution.


Merage School of BusinessMerage School of Business

It is a public school which is situated in Irvine. It has got a decent student-faculty ratio, which is slightly higher than the average of other B Schools and does not cost much.  It costs roughly $ 120,000 to complete a two year course in this school.

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