7 Highly Engaging B2B Content Types

Great content is the key to success for any B2B business. Let it be the effective B2B lead generation or  increasing the sales, content matters most!

The first and foremost quality of great content is the engagement it drives. The more engaging content you have, the wider outreach it gains; Highly engaging content creates a multiplying effect not only on B2B brand awareness, but also on the lead generation and ultimately on the sales.

Whatever your B2B content strategy is; it might not work if “engagement” is not your focus!

Without having engaging content, you  cannot simply create an impact on the target market which is a must for any B2B concern. I talked to tens of Content Marketing Experts on creating engaging B2B content and gathered a big list. Summing up the contents of the list, here are 7 Highly Engaging B2B Content Types:

7 highly engaging b2b content types

1- Expert Interviews: Build relationships with industry blogs and media people to get interviewed by a well known publisher. Alternatively, having your own blog is a must; where you publish interviews of leading people from industry.

2- Webinars: Most of the B2B clients find Webinars highly useful, so you must work on making some available for your audience!

3- Case Studies: Although you may find a very limited number interested in Case Studies, but that limited number is actually the most mature lead. Get some case studies ready as they makes you prominent when some highly interested clients look for the answer.

4- In depth blog posts: B2B clients are those who actually read the detailed content , so pick up the confusions, controversies and hot trends from the industry, create a detailed masterpiece and you will see them coming, spending more time and recommending it to others!

5- White papers: This type of B2B content is specifically for creating awareness before selling. Whether you are introducing something new or facing a tough competition with your B2B product/service, a white paper is more likely to smoothen the situation.

6- Research findings: Since B2B clients are better readers as compared to B2C ones, they always appreciate new findings and improved methods. Publish such content and your audience will love it.

7- eBooks: They love reading more and more about less and less, and eBooks work like a charm, especially when free.


Depending on your business model, there may be some other highly effective result oriented options, but there are some common content types that can ensure success to any strategy.

Earlier we discussed multiple aspects of creating great B2B content and generating mature B2B leads; so, just in case if you missed, do not forget to follow up:

So, either you are going to develop your B2B content marketing strategy from scratch or you are going to bring a periodic update, must include the engagement element in it with the above options.

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