99check; a Selfie Based Family Locator that Respects Privacy

Safety is the prime concern when we think about our family, and so we are always looking for the best possible safety and security options for our loved ones. Using live-tracking apps is the modern way to ensure your family’s security, however, it must not come at the expense of privacy.

Your kids may not feel comfortable in a gathering if they feel watched all the time, and you’ll certainly not want to shake their confidence in public! Well, 99check is the ideal solution for all such scenarios; when you want to make sure their loved ones are safe, without invading their privacy.

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The app lets you stay connected to your family while respecting personal space, i.e. they will just send you a selfie to let you know that they are fine and you will get their current location on a private map with their picture and how much battery is left on their device.

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With the rapid social change, parenting is becoming more challenging, and you must stay up to date with new trends and technologies to meet the parenting challenges. 99check is a great help for working parents.

It’s not just a convenient way to track your child’s location, but is also a better way to build healthy parent-child relationship. Too many calls and text messages are usually required, but on part of child, it is embarrassing. A selfie, on the other hand, is worth a thousand words!

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99check in Their Own Words:

Your family let you know that they are okay by sending you a selfie. You get their current location on a private map with their picture, a message, and how much battery is left on their device.


What Brings 99check to the Spotlight:

Family locator app with geotagged selfies for parents to check on their kids without stalking them.


99check Website: http://99check.com

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