The Art of Startup Fundraising; A Must Read for All Entrepreneurs

Funding is one of the most critical components of running a startup; it keeps the startup alive. Some of the most successful startups in the world have gained and sustained their positions in the market largely because of good and regular funding, however, raising funds for your startup is not that easy.

The number of investors has gone up in the recent past, but the number of startups has also multiplied. That’s the reason investors are picky when it comes to fund a startup. Most of the startups that fail in raising good capital do not know what investors want.

Entrepreneurs must learn the art of fundraising, and to do so they need a definitive guide. The Art of Startup Fundraising is an ultimate guide for founders to raise capital for their startups. The book provides a fresh, detailed and fun outlook to the world of fundraising.


It addresses each and every concern of the investors and discusses all possible options to tackle each of them. Having such a guide in hand, you don’t need to spend hours in research. Simply know the insights of fundraising and devise a winning strategy faster.

The book is authored by Alejandro Cremades who is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Onevest (a platform helping founders and investors in building successful ventures).

Alejandro Cremades

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Onevest’s major contribution is the tech products that connect founders, investors, advisors and influencers in the entrepreneurship community. 1000 Angels and CoFoundersLab are two popular platforms operated by Onevest.

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