BIM Track for Enhanced Workflow in the Construction Projects

Construction is a hugely fragmented industry; multiple companies come together for a particular building. Starting with architectural or design team, then engineers get involved,  next come the building services consultants, then structural engineers and finally the contractor joins in.

When various teams are involved in a project, communication failures between architects, designers, contractors and procurement teams can actually compromise the whole construction process.

Proper communication between all the teams is a must and you need an organized collaboration process which makes sure that project meets cost, time and quality expectations.

However, the building industry collaboration is not that simple; you need all the drawings, documents, emails, and contracts to be shared among respective teams and stakeholder. Since all the teams are not available at one place, i.e. some are working on site while others are in office; the most effective way collaboration model is an online project collaboration software. This is what BIM Track is meant for!

BIM Track is a cloud based platform, designed to enhance the collaboration workflow in building projects. By making communication between teams more efficient, it allows the teams to fix design and other construction issues on time and boost productivity.

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Teams can create, transfer and review issues from different platforms, i.e. web and mobile. Further, the custom reports and metrics make the tracking much easier.

The product is in Beta phase yet, however, those who want to test how centralization of coordination information from design to construction phase can boost their productivity can get early access.

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BIM Track in Their Own Words:

BIM Track is a cloud-based platform that enhances the workflow in your construction project. The platform allows the user to centralize all the coordination information from design to construction. From a PC or a mobile, from your office to the field, BIM Track allows you to access your construction project information anywhere, anytime. BIM Track provides powerful metrics to help you understand project management performance with charts and graphics. We promote OpenBIM workflow solutions and support IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format).


What Brings BIM Track to the Spotlight:

A platform that aims to enhance the workflow in construction projects is something truly valuable for the industry!


BIM Track Website:

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