Biocoded; the Secure & Trusted Communication and Data Storage Platform

Businesses that deal with sensitive information have to face more challenges than any other type of business and so they need to go an extra mile to ensure privacy and security of customers’ data. There are various security solutions that offer end-to-end encryption, secure calls, secure multi device use, secure storage, MDM support, On-premises, iOS/Android/Windows apps, but you may not find all these option at one place except Biocoded.

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Biocoded is a robust and trusted solution that offers end-to-end encrypted messages and calls, secure communication and file storage on device, and on-premises or cloud setup along with App/play store apps available for convenience. Installation can be managed by an MDM and Google/Apple accounts are not necessary.

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Currently, the available communication options are Standard VoIP, SMS, landlines or mobile networks which are completely insecure in case of a business that has to deal with sensitive data. On the other hand, the encrypted communication platforms that are cloud hosted cannot also be trusted because you are not sure about their legality.

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Biocoded is safer than all other, as it’s being used by military, intelligence agencies and police forces, so you can be sure about the maximum security from start to finish. It’s not just about end-to-end encrypted calls and messages, but it also comes with time limited self-destructing messages and complete control of your data.

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Biocoded in Their Own Words:

Biocoded is the safest end-to-end encrypted voice call and messaging app by opinion of independent security research groups. Communication is done using the most secure ratcheting protocol. It is also the only app which protects on-device data with a distributed key. This means all on-device data is safe even from forensic device cloning methods. Biocoded is available as a free cloud service for end users and as a licensed self-hosted server installation for complete in-house privacy. Biocoded is secure enough that it is starting to get picked up by government organizations worldwide.


What Brings Biocoded to the Spotlight:

It’s safe and a trusted solution!


Biocoded Website:

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