Blogging for Small Business: Is that Right Option for You?

Blogging is on the rise since its inception  and  has been a steadily increasing practice for almost all big and small businesses. Companies regardless of size, specialty and location are using blogging as an essential marketing tool.

According to researches, in 2011 only B2B marketers increased their use of blogs by 27% and blogging stands third in content marketing activities.

Industry stats are very much favorable for you to opt blogging as a marketing medium, so if you’re not blogging already, you must think of considering it on a serious note. However, an industry trends doesn’t always mean you should follow it; you must analyze your capabilities, goals and grounds before taking a decision.


This article will identify whether or not you should be blogging; based on the facts that for whom blogging is and who should not consider it!


Blogging is a Must if:

  •  Your business is eager to build communities.
  • You want to discuss the relevant issues/topics for product innovation purpose.
  • You are going to be prominent on Social Media (using the blog as a repository will be great idea)
  • You want to rank higher in organic search for relevant search terms.
  • You want to educate your customers.


Blogging is not a suitable option if:

  •  Your businesses requires not to be  open with information.
  • You do not have time to maintain your business blog (though outsourcing can help, but you need to benchmark at least).
  • Your business lacks the required expertise.
  • You do not want to experiment new things.


So, it all depends on your specific short- and long-term and available resources. But one thing you must make sure before investing into content marketing via blogs and that is ROI.

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