Boost Your Workout Regime with FreeWavz

FreeWavz is a wireless, biometric enabled earphones that will serve as your perfect companion during workouts and outdoor activities.

For millions of people around the world including bikers, body builders, athletes music is an important source of motivation which pushes an individual to his or her limits.

FreeWavz comes with Bluetooth connected earphones that have integrated heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking capabilities thereby allowing you to enjoy the music and keeping a track of your workout at the same time.

With this product you need not worry about wires hanging from your earphones and you can focus just on the exercises .

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FreeWavz in their own words:We have brought a product that comes with a cutting edge fitness monitoring technology that is built into the earphones. FreeWavz use medical grade pulse oximeter technology that is used in ICU or OR thus provide you with accurate and reliable heart rate readings.


Why FreeWavz in the spotlight? FreeWavz integrates music and workout thereby providing more effective results. It plays your inspirational tunes, provides you with fitness feedback and allows you to explore your surroundings all at the same time.


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