Breathe Joy, Poetry and Magic into the Ordinary with KOSHA

Art makes ordinary things special and so it is a powerful form of expression not only for the artists who create it, but also for those who own it.

Art where it allows you to express your individuality also improves your quality of life. That’s how you can find the difference between a room with bare walls and the one with walls full of art. And, it’s art that inspires one to visualize a better life and to dream of unlimited possibilities.

It’s well said that an original art work has some specific energies within it that reproductions and mass-produced decorative items simply don’t have, because it’s made by a human and not by a machine!

If you are an art lover and want to see something special in ordinary things, do check out KOSHA’s collection that includes some high end products. Some of the most impressive items are:

kosha main image

  • LAZA letter opener making your ordinary mail opening an exclusive experience.
  • Heritage Bookmark doubling the joy of reading!
  • OIZO, the jewelry that you can set according to your desires.
  • ORIGIN, an exclusive reading and meditative space.

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KOSHA in Their Own Words:

KOSHA is a Swiss brand founded by a handful of enthusiasts sharing the ambition to create high quality products, full of emotion, in a quest for well-being and personal development. Each object is made in Switzerland or in Italy by craftsmen working with a particular attention to detail.

At KOSHA we believe that happiness is made of little moments of joy. This is why we want our objects to be much more than attractive and functional. We want them to tell a story and to elevate ordinary gestures to moments of joy and poetry.


What Brings KOSHA to the Spotlight:

KOSHA creates exclusive and inspiring experiences, not industrial objects.


KOSHA Website:

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