Bullet News; Real News in 10 Seconds from Your Trusted Sources

The world today is more volatile than ever before and staying informed is a necessity. Let is be the concern of changes in oil prices or how good is going to be your home ground for business, only the correct information matters.

The problem happens when the news is overloaded with unnecessary details; it’s not just a waste of time, but a mere distraction. News should be short, to the point, meaningful and must come from a trusted  source.

This is what you can have with Bullet News: simple bullet points of key facts, to read fast and on the go direct from your favorite publications as they report. Nothing changed, nothing added!


All you need to do is to personalise your feed with your favorite publishers you the topics that matter to you. Let it be The Guardian, BBC News, Sky News, Daily Mirror, Al Jazeera, Associated Press, Reuters or just any other trusted news source; stay informed in seconds with a quick detail.


You can have it on your smartphone, tablet and desktop; just create your account to sync your preferences across devices and the news follows you everywhere!


What’s more special about Bullet News is that it’s faster, i.e. first article loads in under 1sec, second loads in 200ms. Besides that it brings you the news you want. With simple interface and smart display you read all the biggest news in under a minute. Further the push notifications let you not to miss a big story.

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Bullet News in Their Own Words:

Bullet News is your news in seconds: get breaking news first from top sources, in 3 bullet points. It’s simple to use, easy to read and fast. Bullet News means you’ll find out what’s shaking your world as it happens. No speculation, just trusted sources.


What Brings Bullet News to the Spotlight:

In a world of news overload, where real news gets lost in the feed, or overshadowed by speculation and comments, Bullet News brings you news directly from the most trusted sources in real-time.
Bullet News Website: https://bulletnews.net/beta

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