CitiesPlanet Raises Half a Million Funds to Supercharge 100 City dot coms

CitiesPlanet has recently raised half a million capital to help hundred domains to maximize their profits. Some of the most notable domains under the banner of CitiesPlanet are, and etc.

By bringing all one hundred domains under one umbrella, CitiesPlanet aims to scale the overhead which in turn will make it easier for each to make a profit.

On the other hand, they will also have to make sure that each websites contains highly relevant content and has hyper-local activities for visitors.


CitiesPlanet has emerged as a fast growing software, media, and publishing company. We discussed a brief about CitiesPlanet under Startup Spotlight last year, whereby it was at very threshold of the new beginning.

The company is dedicated to transforming underdeveloped domains into go-to resources for citizens, visitors and businesses alike.

With more and more time being spent online, the websites are becoming more popular for targeted and authentic information, however, managing an independent is not that easy. Getting under a big banner doesn’t just save the costs, but also brings more exposure and more resources.

Let’s see how CitiesPlanet transforms the hundred City.coms into useful information hubs.

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