Class; Making in-Person Classes Hassle Free

Learning helps in developing specific skills as well as increasing productivity and boosting confidence. It’s not just about economic success, but achieving your full potential so you can improve overall quality of life. This is why employers invest billions of dollars in training. Besides that hundreds and thousands of individuals are always looking to learn specific skills at their own.

In-person classes are the best mode of learning, however, the process is so hectic that many people drop the idea of class just because of difficulty of finding, registering, and scheduling classes.

So if you are looking for music or dance lessons, gymnastics practice, pottery, or gardening or just anything else, with Class you can experience a whole new concept of in-person classes. It offers an instructional experience that is simple and pain free!

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Simply go to the website or download their app and find, register, and pay for classes in your local area. It’s not just amazing idea for students, but instructors can benefit from it too by scheduling, taking attendance, accepting payment etc.

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The simple process makes Class an ideal option for professionals and business owners too; who find it difficult to join a yoga, sports or any other class!

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Class in Their Own Words:

Class is an online and mobile marketplace app that connects students with instructors. Students can easily find, register, and pay for classes in their local area. Instructors can schedule, take attendance, and accept payment for any type of class or course they can think of. Whether it is wood-working, dance lessons, gymnastics practice, pottery, or gardening. Class makes your whole in-person instructional experience simple and pain free.


What Brings Class to the Spotlight:

It’s simple yet weird useful!


Class Website:

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