Coding Made Easy with SourceLair

Editing code has been made easy with the new SourceLair. This is a popular service which allows you to work on the project without compromising on your personal server. Even if you do not have a coding environment, this service will help you achieve your coding objectives.

Compatibility has been a major issue with several other similar services, however SourceLair addresses this concern and supports a plethora of languages including HTML5, Python, PHP, C++, Ruby and JavaScript. It is a must have for programming novices who like to get to a public demo page  or command prompt.


SourceLair in Their Own Words : Founded by University of Athens students, SourceLair augment the existing development experience by means of integration of various services like Heroku, GitHun, JITA and many more. Also, it eliminates the need of installation of various bunch of softwares of your system, thereby providing a easy to use service for all your coding needs.

Why SourceLair Is in the Spotlight : It can get an IDE up and running in a matter of a minute or a two, that too, without any hitch. To test it, you can create one project for free and then others at a nominal price.

Official Website :

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