Commercial Office & Kitchen Cleaning Services Business

Providing such cleaning service can be more complex than residential cleaning services. Commercial Office & Kitchen Cleaning Services Business will not just require more manpower, more skills but a lot more professionalism and marketing.

Target Market:

Think big. Your target market is every office in the locality, every commercial business and every kitchen of every restaurant or coffee shop in your city. 

  • Shops and outlets that have not employed cleaning personnel.
  • Restaurants that need to keep their kitchens clean and hygienic.
  • Owners of small offices who cannot spare time and energy to keep their space clean.
  • Large commercial enterprises that award cleaning contracts to specialist cleaning companies.
  • Home based offices and bakery kitchens.


Required Skills:

Since commercial office and kitchen cleaning service business is obviously going to be on a much larger scale with potentially more human resource, you need to master how to be a great entrepreneur and think like one. Do not forget to have a quick look at some basic skills needed to run a cleaning business. The other skills merely follow after that.

  • Team management and an eye to employ people who know their job.
  • Knowledge and expertise about how to clean different types of floors and materials. Don’t mop the carpet or vacuum marble floors!
  • Information on how and when to use different cleaning agents.
  • Supervising attitude if you’re working with a team and a proactive approach if going solo.
  • Knowledge about taking adequate safety precautions and how to deal with an accidental emergency.
  • Ability to do research for marketing your commercial cleaning business.
  • Ability to produce adequate sales per month to keep the business on profit.

Pricing Your Commercial Office & Kitchen Cleaning Services Business

The prices will obviously vary for each client. A bigger commercial enterprise can perhaps afford to pay more than a young chief who has recently opened his restaurant. Some businesses can be charged monthly and some will have to be billed weekly or on per hour basis. This decision will have to be mutually agreed in the initial phase of your business.

Does Starting a Commercial Office & Kitchen Cleaning Services Business Seem a Feasible Prospect?

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