Create, Save & Edit Custom Maps with Shuttle Tools Map Manager

Maps are no more just the resource for contact section of a website; a well-designed map based website can be a beautiful and innovative piece of design. With interactive maps, useful information can be displayed in an engaging and attractive way and users can take more actions than an ordinary website.

With huge developments in GEO tagging over the last decade and the the advent of Google Maps more and more websites are moving to better showcase their data.

The real challenge stands for web designers and developers, since it is rather difficult to create both visually and functionally appealing website. Shuttle Tools Maps lets you easily create a custom map which you can add to the website by copying/pasting the small bit of code. Any changes made in Shuttle Tools Maps will be immediately reflected on your site.

Shuttle Tools Map Manager main imageCreate Traffic, Hybrid and Terrain maps of various locations and embed in your website easily. Any standard map is free, but if you wish to have countless changes and unlimited maps you need to opt for $3.00 monthly subscription which you can try for $2.00.

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Shuttle Tools Map Manager in Their Own Words:

Shuttle Tools Maps are easily customizable, with all the features you’d expect in a custom map builder. We separate your map data from the code, allowing you to create and edit your maps directly through a slick, streamlined interface. No cumbersome code or complicated APIs.

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Map design and management made easy–never dive into code or worry about the overhead of making ongoing changes. Custom designs that used to take hours to code by hand, now take minutes in Shuttle Tools’ streamlined interface.


What Brings Shuttle Tools Map Manager to the Spotlight:

The easy way to save, edit, and manage your maps.


Shuttle Tools Map Manager Website:

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