Crowdfunding Becomes Faster with OFF3R

Funding is an important aspect of any startup and the success of the business largely depend upon the type and amount of funding that the business is able to generate.

Browsing various crowding platforms one by one to seek funding is a time consuming and tiring task. Things will become much easier and effective if there is a reliable platform that helps to discover and track funding opportunities across multiple sources.

OFF3R provides an effective and innovative first access point in the alternative investment market, which the businesses can utilize to attract funding.

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The results are displayed in an intuitive swipe format making the assessment of results more organized and simpler for the business.

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Not only the platform will be helpful for the business to seek funding but also the funders can easily have an overview of various businesses in one go and make their investment decision wisely.

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OFF3R in Their Own Words:

OFF3R is the world’s first mobile crowdfunding aggregator which allows businesses to discover and track opportunities across multiple crowdfunding platforms. OFF3R collates investment opportunities from crowdfunding platforms and displays them in an intuitive swipe format.


What Brings OFF3R to the Spotlight:

It enables investors to discover and track deals from multiple sources, thus saves time and improves access.


OFF3R Website:

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