; Community Based Remote Mobile Device Debugging Tool

Testing and debugging are the most painful processes for developers and things can be worse when the failure occurs on a specific device only. Your app works perfectly alright in your test environment, but crashes on another device.

It’s equally disturbing for individual developers as well as for large companies who release the app to outsourced testing teams.

Knowing the pain, is created using a unique technology that enables developers and testers of mobile, smart TV and smart watch applications to access and share real devices for remote debugging and testing purposes.

debug network main image allows different settings for all the sharing devices, according to available time frames and statuses. Further, there’s option to create a private “company group”, to carry on the testing within your team members.

And above all, it’s open source, so you can easily spread and share the model to other members of the community. Signup to stay tuned and get to know when it’s available for public!

debug network logo in Their Own Words:

“” is a service for developers of mobile, smart TV and smart watch applications, allowing for remote testing and debugging of real devices within the community.


What Brings to the Spotlight:

It helps in developing quality bug free applications for mobile phones, smart watches and smart-tv’s. Website:

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