DRiWE™: the Smallest Expandable Memory Device for iPhone

Smartphones are our best companions today, and none of us can imagine a colorful life without these useful devices. It’s not just about connectivity, but also about preserving the precious moments, online shopping, increasing productivity and a great deal of entertainment in the form of music, videos and movies.

However, the major problem is limited storage space of these smart device, which may hinder the excitement at times. To make sure that your iPhone never runs out of storage space, you must have a device like DRiWE.

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The tiny device, which is hardly a couple of inches long is the handiest solution to carry up to 128GB of storage space with you anywhere. And, you can play music and movies stored in the device, directly from your iPhone.

Whether you are heading out for a long distance travel, or just need to empty your phone’s memory, DRiWE can better serve the purpose.

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The device comes with lightning connector at one end to directly plug into an iPhone or iPad and a built-in unique 3-in-1 Hi-Speed USB connector at the other end to plug into a PC, Mac, and connect to Android using MicroUSB Converter.

Well, the excitement doesn’t end here. DRiWE also has a slot for a MicroSD Card as a memory source, making it simple to move files between various devices by using EWO-Design App without iTunes.

A must have for all those who are looking for smart storage for their smart devices.

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DRiWE in Their Own Words:

DRiWE ™ is the smallest expandable memory device that won’t take a single megabytes from your iphone. You are about to board an 8-hour (or longer!) flight. You have brought your iPhone or iPad with you so you can spend the day ahead watching movies, but there is a problem–your device’s memory is filled or the Internet connection is too slow. What do you do? DRiWE is the perfect solution.


What Brings DRiWE to the Spotlight:

It’s handy, has more storage space and is simplest to use!


DRiWE Website: https://igg.me/at/driwe/x/13088274

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