Ecommerce Store Yetang Raises $5 Million

Yetang, which is a Chinese e-commerce marketplace for designer apparel has recently raised $5 Million in its first round of investment. This investment has come from DCM.

This site is into selling of various fashion and lifestyle products that are sourced from various small brands and local designers from various parts of the world. Yetang has been able to impress the investors with a good sales record over this year.

The speed at which they are expanding is quite impressive.

yetang logo

With the recently received investment, Yetang is currently focused to expand its business in China as of now. The e-commerce site is also making bids to attract more overseas designers.

The company combines the well designed apparels along with accessories and push them to a single website.  Their in-house team curates all the products and have established good working relations.

As of now the company is heavily relying on the word of mouth endorsements and social media marketing.

Unlike the other e-commerce giants of China, Yetang is focusing on indie, creative and differentiated line of products. It aims to tap the young generation who is still not fascinated by the old, reputed brands.

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