FANchise; World’s First Fan-Run Professional Sports Franchise

The number one problem of every sports fan is that their voice is never heard! This is because no team has actually ever given its fans the real voice!

And the fact of the matter is, “if you give your fans a voice, they will be heard”. This is what the founders of Project FANchise have realized and it’s going to be the world’s first fan-run professional sports franchise, with a pro football team debuting in 2017.

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Yes, it’s fan-run, which means fans decide everything: a unique amalgamation of sports and technology will let the fans make real time, crowdsourced decisions that will directly impact the team. Let it be deciding the team logo & mascot, choosing the team and the coaching staff, evaluating players or making the roster, everything is going to be powered by fans only.

Everyone’s vote will count, and everyone will have equal opportunity to increase their voting power, i.e. through active participation, football knowledge, and the length of time one is involved.

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That’s not all about FANchise; there’s a lot more for fans to enjoy the fanhood at optimum! For instance, if you join now, you will be among the users who build and shape the team, so you will be rewarded with more influence (voting power) on all team decisions.

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Moreover, there’s one big motivation for the fans, i.e. becoming the official Advisor. One amazing, hardworking fan is going to become an official Advisor and “the voice of the fans”.

So far, FANchise is the only startup of its kind and I am sure, it’s going to be loved by the fans. After all it’s giving them a voice!

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FANchise in Their Own Words:

Project FANchise is the ultimate engagement for sports fans. We’re building a mobile app that will allow fans to run a professional football team – everything from designing the logo and uniforms to hiring the coaching staff and picking the players to calling the plays in real-time. This is fantasy football + Madden franchise mode + reality.


What Brings FANchise to the Spotlight:

This is something every sports fan wants!


FANchise Website:

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