Find Broken Links with Atomseo & Wipe them Out for Best User Experience

On surface we all know that broken links hurt your SEO rankings and Google penalizes the websites with more 404s, but deep down there are specific reasons for Google penalizing your 404s stuffed website!

Google or any other search engine indexes pages on a websites and ranks them for specific user queries. Now when you have lot of 404s, the user who came from search end up finding nothing and there’s what you must be penalized for the bad user experience!

So, search engine optimization and user experience go together and you must have to make sure that you serve the user with the right, timely and accurate information without any compromise and in fact this is the only way for survival!

Atomseo Broken Links Checker is a free online tool for checking broken links and dead pages or images on your web site. All you need to do is to enter your website address and sit back to relax.

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Atomseo tool will crawl and scan your website within seconds for internal, incoming and outgoing links with errors and their impact.

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The free package allows you to generate five reports per day that you can receive via email too. The free subscription is good option for webmasters, bloggers and individuals managing small scale website. Further they have a chrome plugin too, so you can track broken links on the go!

In case if you are running a complex website with more than 3k pages or else, you are planning to start your own SEO company, Atomseo Broken Link Checker premium package is a must!

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Atomseo in Their Own Words:

Atomseo is an online service for detecting broken links. The tool crawls website or blog and detects broken and dead links. The result is provided as a shortlist of error pages and images for easily fixing.


What Brings Atomseo to the Spotlight:

It’s simple yet very comprehensive option to find all broken links, pages and images and doesn’t need any installations at all. Certainly a great help for webmasters, bloggers and online marketers to improve the user story and search visibility.


Atomseo Website:

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