Find Your Motivation to Stay Fit with Fitssi

Fit and active lifestyle is something that everyone wishes to have but only few people manage to stay fit and active. The reason is obvious; they have a motivation! Not finding enough motivation is the most common reason for abandoned fitness programs.

So, if you’re really concerned about maintaining an on-going fitness program, the best way is to find a partner. Fitssi can prove to be a trusted resource to find and connect with the people who keep you motivated.

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Fitssi is an iPhone app that connects you with new and interesting fitness partners nearby. So, no more boring workouts and uninspiring fitness routine; buddy up with a Fitssi partner and continue your fitness journey while having fun.

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Fitssi gives users motivation on demand! So, all those who quit the gym or other fitness sport just because they are no longer motivated must try Fitssi for real results.

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Fitssi in Their Own Words:

Fitssi is a social app that connects you with new and interesting fitness partners on-demand and encompasses your athleisure lifestyle within one app. 2/3 of the population is completely in-active. Fitness consumers have irreversibly changed the way they interact with fitness and Fitssi is perhaps one of the best kept secrets for life hacking, no need to engage in demotivating or uninspiring workout routines alone, a fitness partner can boost your motivation, increase your results and widen your fitness circle. Fitssi gives users motivation on demand so the 68% of people that quit the gym wthin the first 3 months of joining can now buddy up with a Fitssi partner and continue their fitness journey having fun and with real results.


What Brings Fitssi to the Spotlight:

It encourages healthy and fit lifestyle by providing users with all what they need to stay motivated!


Fitssi Website:

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