Give Prospects a Reason to Connect With You on Linkedin

Having a presence on Linkedin as it’s a must for entrepreneurs where it allows you free personal and business branding also helps you trigger sales. Just showing up in search results is not enough. If I am searching for Social Entrepreneurs and you are the one; why should I connect with you and not the other twenty or thirty people……

I won’t click on you, if I do not have a reason. Your profile headline must not be filled with keywords only, rather should have a compelling content to attract prospects.

  • Social Entrepreneur; helping organizations in change management
  • Motivational Speaker; helping organizations increase productivity
  • Social Media Architect; Redefining the Social Media Marketing

Above are few examples of short yet explanatory profile headlines.

Have Your Professional Picture in the Profile:

Although a picture is optional but people want to see whom they are connecting to. Your profile image gives a finishing look to your profile and your profile is also considered to be trusted one. But, make sure to have a professional image, not a picture that was taken in a beach party!

Be Approachable and Friendly:

Most of the times, people want to connect with you, but your privacy settings do not allow them, especially when they do not have any common connection with you. Privacy settings are totally your personal concern, but when it comes to brand yourself or your business on a business network like Linkedin, make sure you are easily approachable.

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