Headlynr; Transforming the Wedding, Event and Party Industry

There’s nothing more exciting than planning your wedding and getting things done in the exact way you wanted them to be. Most people take months to set every detail of their big day, while some have to plan it in a week’s time. Well, everyone wants their wedding to be an awesome memory and so some spend a good amount on arrangements, while others want to preserve the memories on tight budget!

Whatever the budget and timeline you are on, it’s always a crazy experience because the wedding related services are so fragmented. It takes lot of time and effort to reach various service providers and set things up.

Headlynr connects people with the best talent from wedding, event and party industry in Australia. Wedding planners, car hire services, florists, photographers, videographers, interior designers, wedding planners and other similar service providers can list their services on Headlynr; making it convenient for customers to conduct their research and book online.

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The marketplace saves customers’ time, while the service providers get more exposure and both the parties do not have to worry about the payment processing as it is safe and secure for both of them.

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Headlynr is a marketplace where every Australian wedding, event and party related business must have their presence!

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Headlynr in Their Own Words:

For those planning a wedding, party, or event in Australia, life just got much easier. A new type of marketplace, Headlynr (pronounced headliner) provides searchable listings for every type of wedding or party service imaginable and then provides a secure payment solution protecting both customer and vendor.


What Brings Headlynr to the Spotlight:

Booking services in these spaces is a fragmented, time consuming and often archaic experience. Headlynr consolidates the information, simplifies pricing and makes payments safer.


Headlynr Website: http://www.headlynr.com.au

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