How to Find & Develop Your Business Blog’s Unique Voice

Hundreds and thousands of small businesses have hundreds and thousands of business blogs out of which tens of thousands are already talking about stuff and happenings in your industry!

What is it there for you to stand out from the crowd?


Well, that’s where you need to find your unique voice; your words, your statements and every blog post should reflect:

  • Your unique personality
  • Your own story
  • Contextually relevant elements
  • A real person behind the scene
  • A point of view that has sound grounds


Now, let’s start developing your unique voice!

Step 1: Be sure that your blog’s design and outlook is the part of your unique brand, so have it synced with the brand’s theme fonts and color schemes.


Step 2: Have specific writing style(s). If blog is being managed by a group, it’s a must to have weekly meetings to stay updated on company blog’s objectives.


Step 3: Find sources of creative inspiration, i.e. books, industry blogs etc. Make the team read the sources regularly.


Step 4: Pick topics only related to your business and focus on the business area you’re most passionate about. In case of team, distribute the areas.


Step 5: Don’t worry about the sentence structure or grammar in the beginning (better is to have one editor to look after those issues). Let the writers/content developers write in freestyle.


Remember, every team member’s very own style is his unique personality and a group of unique personalities together make up your business’ unique voice. So, even if your employees cannot write structurally and grammatically correct content, encourage them to write and get it fixed by the editor later.


Alternatively you can always organize weekly company meetings to discuss the business blogging goals. Let the writers/editors ask questions and take input of various people and then come up with valuable content!


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