How to Increase Engagement on a Twitter Business Profile

If your business’ Twitter profile is optimized and you know the basics of what should you tweet, you are just a few tips away from getting followers engaged.

Here are a few tips with which you can keep twitter followers engaged on any business’ Twitter profile;

1- Get the followers involved; you can ask simple questions related to business or industry by mentioning some influencing followers.

2- Appreciate; hitting the favorite button on a good tweet of a follower doesn’t hurt, but does make him a loyal follower.

3- Be responsive; not represent yourself as a robot only tweeting all the time, rather take time to answer what people are asking.

4- Do not overreact; retweeting every other tweet that mentions you shows you dying to seek attention.

5- Keep lists; when someone regularly retweets or replies, add them to a list to return favor sometime.

6- Be nice; when an influencer retweets you, thank them.

7- Run contests;  everyone want to win, but your contest should be authentic and must announce the winner.

8- Time Management; do not delay in replying when someone is asking something.

9- Use it for announcements; new product launch, special discounts, promotions and so on let your business profile on Twitter ever active.

10- Keep a calendar; it will make you identify the activities and keep their schedule on a track.

Depending on the business model you may bring a lot of innovative ideas workable on your Twitter profile, however, the above guidelines will work in all industries and in all seasons!

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