How to Market a Home Based Bakery Business

Marketing your home based bakery needs almost same efforts to generate sales as of a bakery located in a commercial setup. However, the difference is that you prepare goods on order only and so your customer must have complete information about what you can prepare without seeing the original products in display.

This article will list all the dimensions in which you can market your home based bakery and generate more sales. Here it goes:

Organize Events at Your Place

There’s no additional cost required to promote your home based bakery if you use your own products in family functions like birthdays, parties etc.

Gift Your Close & Not So Close Friends

Rather than buying something from outside take your own baked items which visiting friends and relatives and explicitly tell them that this is your very own creation. Do not under-estimate the power of word of mouth.

Give Your Home Based Bakery a Grand Opening

That’s probably the wisest idea for quick start. Invite all your friends, extended family and other relatives, neighbours etc. Have your best products for the brunch and see the magic.

Build a Website

Website in today’s world is not less than the replacement of a physical store. Get your best work photographed and displayed on your website with price range and customization details.Do not forget to have contact information on website so customers can contact you right away.

Create a Facebook Page

Your Facebook page must be in harmony with your website, i.e. should display your work with link to your website where people can find more details and place order either via online form or through phone. Start advertising your Facebook page and website using Facebook ads.

The Print Material

Get pamphlets and brochures printed. Distribute them in the targeted localities including residential and commercial settings.

Participate in Events

Let it be a baking exhibition, contest, a TV show or anything similar. Do not forget to take your business cards along and share it with people there. Have a look at our collection of sample business cards for a home based baker.

Build Database

Keep a track record of your new and returning customers and send them periodic updates and offers through SMS or email.

Promote Referral Contests

Offer discounts to your customers on bringing referrals and of course to referrals of referrals as well.

Get Local

Be in contact with local restaurants, cafes and coffee shops who might be interested in buying products in bulk from you.

You can market your home based bakery business in a variety of different ways depending on your business goals, however the above guidelines will be beneficial in all contexts.

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