How to Name a Bakery Business

Let it be a home based small scale bakery or a big set up; the naming process is same. Name is very important as it’s going to be the brand name in future and your business name is the first impression of your brand image. This article will guide you through a list of ways with which you can name your bakery business effectively. Before getting your business name printed on your bakery business cards, go through this article, so you can have your bakery business card design accordingly.

Combinations look great in case of naming bakeries as a name in combination of words makes it meaningful yet unique. Think in the following ways:

Your Name + Your Expertise

Sally’s Cupcakes, Merlyn’s Custom Cakes and so on. See, it’s easy, have an advantage of being unique and domain will be available as well when you plan to build a website.

Your Name + Baking Stuff

Martha’s Bake House, Baked by Lilly etc. There’s no other advantage than above, it’s just a different style.

Baking Stuff + Area

Baked in XXX, XXX Bakers etc can perfectly suit an individual home based bakery, but won’t make good name for a big set up probably.

Mix up Ingredients

Sweet Sugar, Cream & Cream, Honey Bites and whatever you can think of the ingredients used in the making of your products.

Call to Action Names

Take the Cake, Cake me Away, Have a Sweet Bite and whatever else you can ask them to buy your cakes will work….Amazingly you can sell multiple products under such names.

Your Specialty + Art & Craft

Let it be Cupcake Art, Custom Cakes Designer, Wedding Cakes Craft Shop  or similar names, it will truly represent your expertise, however, these names are good only for people selling a single specialty.

Off Topic:

Naming your business ction is though risky, but if it is attractive enough to grab attention it can go great. Whatever you think off topic, make sure it’s short and easy to remember. This type of name will be best for bakeries planning to expand on a larger scale.


Brainstorm your bakery name  in all of the above directions and write down all the outcomes at one place. Share it with friends and family to get their opinion and do not feel bad if they do not like your ideas, you can always ask them for suggestions.

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