How to Name a Wedding Related Business

Finding the perfect name for your wedding related business is one of the toughest parts of setting up your business. Business name is important, because it defines what you actually do, how you are unique and why should people hire you!

Before taking step to start a wedding related business, you definitely know:

  • Your niche

  • Your ideal clients

  • Your Expertise

Once, you are clear about all of the above, the naming can be made easy if you do it strategically, i.e. brainstorm, write all possibilities and filter the best ones to share with your close friends and family members and finalize the best choice. This article will guide you in details on what and how to brainstorm, so let’s go!

  • Keep it short.

  • Make it simple and clear.

  • It must be easy to remember.

  • It should describe what you offer.

  • Avoid generic names.

sample wedding business names

Remember the above list and think in the following directions:

Name it after your services: If you are a wedding photographer, use photography related words, if you are a makeup artist, bridal and makeup words will make it more clear.

Pure Wedding Related Words: Names that includes words like bride, groom, bridal, wed and so on can be used better when you have multiple wedding related services under one roof.

Your Own Name Plays Well: Especially when you are an expert in your niche; a name containing your name + your expertise will work perfect. Both your first and last names work equally well!

Get Help in Brainstorming: and Wordoid are two highly useful naming suggestion websites. Although all the suggestions are not worth taking, you get a lot more naming ideas!


Whatever the business name you come up with for your wedding related business, make sure about the availability with the local trademark authorities. Certainly you would like to have internet presence, so make sure the domain name is available too!

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