How to Optimize Your Linkedin Profile for Business

Being an entrepreneur your presence on Linkedin is a must. Whether you want to brand yourself as an entrepreneur or want to showcase your business to a broader audience at Linkedin, you must optimize the profile profile.

By optimizing your Linkedin business profile means letting people find you easily. If you do not appear at the top pages when people are searching for the product or service you offer, you will definitely not get any business from Linkedin. Let’s consider a few points to have an optimized Linkedin profile page for yourself.


1- Know the Right Keywords:

This is not like keyword research you do to optimize your website for search engines, rather it’s more about what you do or what you offer. ‘Content Strategist’, ‘Online Marketer’, ‘Motivational Speaker’, ‘Social Entrepreneur’, ‘F&B Investor’ and so on are some of the examples. Make sure to have your core expertise/services/products in your profile. These are the keywords people use when searching on Linkedin.

2- Highlight Your Company:

Highlight it only; do not market your company profile in your personal profile. For marketing a company, you have company page.

3- Make Best Use of Headline:

Do not use words like “Owner” or “Founder” in your profile headline, use keywords instead.

4- Summarize Your Expertise:

You have a lot of keywords to explain your expertise and you cannot use all of them in the headline. Only the top keywords go in headline, like ‘Online Marketer’. Now the rest of the keywords must also be used and the profile summary is the best place to do so. Social Media Management, PPC, SEO Strategy and so on etc will be part of your profile summary.

5- Job Description & Experience Should Go in the Relevant Sections:

Do not mention your job description at previous workplaces in the summary section. Focus on summarizing things there only; job descriptions should go in the relevant section with experience at previous jobs.

6- Adding Skills is a Must:

Your skills-set will allow people to endorse you for. Must add them.

7- Get Recommended:

There’s no harm in asking present and past co-workers, supervisors and employers to write a brief recommendation for you.

Optimizing your Linkedin profile is not a science, neither it’s an art. It’s a simple use of common sense. Linkedin itself has built the data entry fields, keeping optimization as a priority. The only thing you need to do is to enter the right information in right field!

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