How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Optimizing your twitter profile is the first step in making twitter an effective branding platform for your as well as your business. This article will focus on tips to optimize your personal profile as well as if you want to optimize your business name on twitter. So here it goes:

1- Make yourself easy to recognize;  use a close-up picture in case of personal profile. If you are optimizing a business name on twitter, make sure to have logo clearly visible.

2- Use all the allowed characters in bio section; skills, main products, services, tools etc all go in this section.

3- Do not over#hashtag the bio; it’s very limited space, so do not over use hashtags, i.e. not more than two #hashtags.

4- Header Photo: use it effectively for branding, check with some design experts to see what you can do in 1500 x 1500px.

5- Website URL: do not forget to include it in bio section in fact, because you should consider the mobile users also.

6- Be informative and not promotional: your bio should not be asking people to buy your service, rather it should be compelling them to ask you for your services!

Do the above and your Twitter profile is already optimized.

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