How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

One of the myths of entrepreneurship is being an all time winner; the driven individuals see overcoming the business hurdles with Olympian ease. But the real life scenario is not exactly like this, and here come the place for fear to make its place in their mind.

The cash flow may get out of control, you may not be able to pay the vendors, not winning a contract, having no money to keep the business running and too many other fears are always there.

Any of these or at times multiple fears together develop the “Fear of Failure”.


Overcoming the fear is the only way to move forward and here are some practical ways to overcome the fear of failure:

1. Identify what is actually causing you to fear failure

2. Build a success mindset not a failure mindset – Concentrate on the positive not the negative.

3. Identify the worst case scenario and if that were to happen could you bounce back, then make your decision.

4. Understand that if you concentrate on failure you will prevent yourself from achieving success.

5. Understand that as long as you are having a goal and learning, no matter how hard the lesson, you are actually succeeding.

6. Failure is not a reality it is the story you are telling yourself.


Thinking positive is the key; keep practicing and you will find your way out!

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