How to Start a Home Based Bakery Business

Starting a home based bakery is an ideal option for baking geek housewives. Besides that all those who love baking and are not happy with their jobs, trying it part time is not a bad idea. Being small scale business option, it’s easy to set up and run and has a great potential for high profits and growth.

Let’s see what it takes to start a home based bakery business.

Get to Know about the Licensing

Licensing requirements to open home based bakery are different in the states within the USA and so is the case around the world. Do check the required licenses and get done with the documentation for your bakery at earliest.

Set up Your Kitchen & Storage for the Business

Once you are sure that you can operate a home based bakery legally, the very first thing to do is to adjust your home kitchen into a commercial kitchen. Set the equipment, materials and storage containers facilities in line and ready for the inspection.

Get the Supplies Ready

Once kitchen and  storage is ready, you need materials to be available, so get them ready. Since it will be a long term concern, it’s very necessary to have the suppliers onboard for discounted purchases.

Get the Kitchen Inspected & Certified

This is very important step and you cannot operate your home based bakery without getting certified for operations. Contact the local health and food inspector office for appointment and information on the complete inspection procedure.

Normally, the health and food inspector visits your home to inspect the kitchen, equipment and materials to make sure that the kitchen is clean food is prepared and stored according to the standards. Basically he makes sure that people should not get sick by eating your baked goods.
Market Your Home Based Bakery

Marketing your home based bakery is the last step for your business opening, but the first step to generate sales. Depending on your targeted location, your target market and demand of your products you may look for some special marketing campaigns, however there are some generic guidelines to market a home based bakery in any setup. We have summed up all these guidelines at one place. Check out our detailed guidelines on how to market a home based bakery.

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