Is Your Linkedin Profile Credible?

Being an entrepreneur it’s not enough just to create an account with Linkedin and fill it with information….. Your Linkedin profile must be credible too as it speaks directly to your ideal clients and they will not get back to you if you do not seem to be credible!

This article will discuss a few quick tips to make your Linkedin profile credible. So here it goes:

1- Profile summary is the most important step in making your Linkedin profile credible. Check out our detailed guide on writing impressive Linkedin profile summary.

2- Optimize your Linkedin profile; complete the rest of the fields to add experience with approachable organizations.

3- Get Your Skills Endorsed; Your immediate connections will not mind doing this quick favour to you, however, you need to ask them.

4- Get Recommended: Again, no one will write a note praising you without a request, but if you do the same for them, they will certainly. So do some work for mutual benefits and get recommendations from people with whom you have worked directly.

5- Have an Active Network: No matter if there are not many people in your network for now… Join groups and participate in discussions. Helping people with answers on their queries (that fall under your expertise) is the best credibility on Linkedin!

Work it out and make your Linkedin profile more credible. Growing Linkedin Network in the Niche Market and then repeating the steps 3 onwards will allow you to become more credible day by day!

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