; Showcasing the Arabian Pop Culture

Whether you live in Arab world or not, and you are an Arab or not, you would love wearing great designs of t-shirts and hoodies by these Arab designers at It’s not just about Tshirts and Hoodies, but also laptop bags, pillows, stickers and think of anything else you could use to market your brand through Jobedu’s huge distribution channel in the Middle East. On part of designers, it’s a great platform to showcase your talent to a broader audience while making money.

Started in as a booth at Friday Market in Jordan, Jobedu now covers UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain Oman and Kuwait while for buyers they deliver anywhere in the world.


Jobedu in Their Own Words:

Jobedu is a multimedia marketing platform that attracts and rewards awesome talent. Jobedu’s online platform is open for designers to submit designs based on preset collections. The Jobedu community then votes on their favorite designs. We bring these products to life in our stores, and through our distribution channel.

What’s Special About Jobedu:

The Arabian pop culture is the most prominent feature of the brand besides a lot of passionate people associated with it. This is not just a step but an initial milestone in bringing a change in the prevailing status quo of the Arab fashion market which seems to be dominated by western brands.

Jobedu Website:


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