Manage All your Subscriptions Efficiently at One Place with SubscriptMe

Almost all of us have to pay monthly subscription fees for various services we use. Some remember all what they have subscribed to and stay organized, but when there’s too much of the subscription stuff; each due on a different date, you cannot really remember all.

That’s how, you forget to unsubscribe though you wanted to and end up paying for something useless.

Helping you to keep your subscriptions organized, here is SubscriptMe.  A simple yet weird useful app to manage all your subscriptions at one place. Simply, scan your inbox or phone without sharing your credit card information and gather a subscription list.

The subscription list shows you all the paid subscriptions and by automatically detecting the due date for recurring payment you know what’s upcoming to pay for, and you can unsubscribe right away just in case you don’t want to continue.

Besides enjoying the handy option to manage subscriptions effectively, you can also find exclusive deals and offers to save money and use new exciting stuff.

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SubscriptMe in Their Own Words:

A Texan and a New Yorker walk into General Assembly Boston. After meeting in a Product Management course, Scott and Ben combined their talents to get a product out in the wild. Ben & Scott both recognized a need to stay on top of their subscriptions and did not have a great solution at hand. SubscriptMe seeks to put the consumer back in control and stop the unnecessary charges on your hard earned cash.


What Brings SubscriptMe in the Spotlight:

It’s a handy solution for those who have multiple recurring subscriptions to be paid on regular basis and they get some new ones onboard while discard few as well time to time. Making busy people’s life easier, SubscriptMe makes its way to the spotlight!


SubscriptMe Website: 

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