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With more than 15 million aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, from around 200 countries is probably the largest network of active entrepreneurs. On an average more than 142,000 groups organize more than 300,000 different local events every month through whereby around 2 million people attend those events.

Think of being a part of such a community whereby you come to know on daily basis about the events happening in your locality as well as niche events in other locations.


When it comes to startup marketing, meetups play a vital role in not only brand development, but also in generating direct sales, getting strategic partnerships, developing long term relations and above all there’s a wide scope for word of mouth through such events.

Talking about, it makes it easier for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. Whether your startup is targeting a local audience or global audience with a specific segment, being actively present at will definitely give your startup a real boost!

You will surely join, but make sure you have a proper strategic plan for networking through this site, so you can effectively use it. You can quickly list your marketing goals that you want to achieve through local networking and then do research on the site to see what’s happening around. Once you’re clear, start being active with an active and effective plan!

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