MobiLusso’s Hand Made Furniture; A Cool Art Business

The advanced technology and the fast pace day to day life has totally changed people’s lifestyle, but one thing which is still in high demand is beautiful home. In fact most of us work for this very reason, i.e. making our home beautiful and a better place. So, when we talk about beautiful home, it’s incomplete without furniture, and certainly will be more beautiful with handmade furniture. This is what MobiLusso knows well and so creates the best luxurious furniture that anyone would wish to have in their sweet home.

MobiLusso is in spotlight, because this is one different business idea that needs parallel efforts to become a success, i.e. product creation needs precision and you have a very limited market segment to target, i.e. luxury buyers, but with their innovation MobiLusso targets a wide market, i.e. Italian furniture buyers, antique lovers, hotels  etc.


MobiLusso in Their Own Words: We specialize in Italian classic furniture, French reproduction antique furniture and neoclassical furniture. All of our products are handmade and high quality . We have variety of finishes; brilliant gild, antique gild, walnut, oak, mahogany, bright golden leafs, silver leafs & paints, ivory wash, white wash, handpainted and other styles (environmental friendly paints). At first, we were produced reproduction furniture only then after this expanded our production lines to include complete sofa sets, couches, chaise lounge, chairs, … As well, we are producing “custom designs” according to the interiors projects and hotels also, we can change color/painting – accessories to meet our customer’s requirements.

What Brings MobiLusso in Spotlight; Handmade furniture itself attracts the whole attention as it lasts for generations! Anyone can imagine the hard work and the value of such work but those who love antiques and art know it more!

MobiLusso Website:

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