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We fail most of the time just because we do not learn from our experiences. Well, learning from our experiences is possible only when we keep a record of similar experiences and analyse the same.

This is brings to you. Simply get an account on the website and enter your daily stuff in numbers like 10 #pushups 5 #leads 1 #sales 8 #coldcalls and whatever else you want to track. Everything can be quantified on this platform.

To make the user experience more appealing and to keep you motivated, there are graphs for spotting patterns. Seeing this presentation, you can easily find how good or bad your performance.

To boost your motivation further, you have options to share your achievements and be proud of yourself.

numbers today logo in Their Own Words:

Numbers Today is a web application that allows people to take care of themselves, learning from everyday data and change their behaviour by mixing different, but related, datasets. Almost everything in life can be quantified. Start counting your stuff today.


What Brings in Spotlight:

Its easy to use, user friendly, interactive and above all helps people tp improve on daily basis. Website:

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