Octobat Checkout; No More Struggle with Coding & Taxes

Selling online is attractive, but it’s not that easy as you need a lot of backend efforts to get things started. Even when your ecommerce website is up and running you need timely checkups to make sure that the backend is working properly.

Let it be the recurring invoices or tax collection, everything needs a proper check that may cause delays in other business matters. And, as a matter of the fact, you cannot expand your business being a business owner and coder at the same time.

You need to shift the responsibility, but hiring a programmer is certainly a costly solution. Checkout by Octobat is probably the safest and cost effective option.

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With Octobat Checkout, all you need to do is to insert a single line of code in your website, and it will do everything for you, i.e. recurring and one-off payments, tax calculations, invoicing etc.

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Octobat Checkout is a great option for non-programmers, however, programmers who want to speed up their work and want to deliver more projects in less time can also take the advantage. It’s open for early access, so don’t miss the chance to claim yours!

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Octobat Checkout in Their Own Words:

Octobat Checkout provides a fully automated billing solution and allows you to collect payments and subscriptions without having to develop a backend. It calculates taxes before payment for all business models (Recurring, One-off charges, Marketplaces), makes it easy to comply with tax regulations, and sends beautiful tax invoices to your customers.

Octobat Checkout magnifies your customers experience and increases your conversions by adapting your checkout to fit your identity.


What Brings Octobat Checkout to the Spotlight:

It handles plans, charges, refunds, coupons and invoicing and everything related to billing, making business operations smooth!


Octobat Checkout Website: http://checkout.octobat.com/

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