Opter Habit Trackers for a Healthy & Dynamic Lifestyle

We all want to be healthy, but not everyone is able to make necessary changes in lifestyle to become healthy. There are a lot of tools, equipment and devices for an active and healthy lifestyle, but they simply don’t help. The problem is that people buy such stuff enthusiastically, but cannot keep up with the requirements, i.e. you may set a hydration alarm, but will ultimately turn it off when it rings at the same time every day!

Similarly, you may install a handful of fitness apps, but they won’t work for you if you do not alter your preferences.

So, if you are also one of those who have not been successful in developing healthy lifestyle and habits so far, you must look for Opter.

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Meet Opter Sleep; a sleep tracker device integrated with a habit tracker app. Since, a healthy lifestyle begins with sufficient sleep, the Opter Sleep tracks your sleep including sleeping time, duration, the movements during sleep and thus the overall quality of sleep. When synced with the app, you can analyze the insights to find and remove the causes of bad sleep.

View More: http://christinechenphotography.pass.us/opter

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Opter Sleep when combined with Opter Sip (for tracking hydration), Opter Pose (for tracking posture) and Opter Bruch (for tracking oral hygiene) creates an ecosystem of interconnected habit trackers that work together to addict you to healthy habits.

All these habit trackers take data from your day to day activities to find what is going wrong and how can you improve various health metrics, like sleep quality, posture, and oral health.

Opter Sleep is the debut product of the ecosystem and is live on Kickstarter. The early bird discount is available for limited time. Don’t miss the opportunity and pre order your Opter Sleep today to optimize your habits for ideal health.

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Opter in Their Own Words:

An ecosystem of interconnected habit trackers that work together to addict you to healthy habits. These trackers take data from different parts of your day to figure out which of your lifestyle factors affect each other and how you can modify your daily routine to improve various health metrics, like sleep quality, posture, and oral health. The ecosystem will include a sleep tracker, a smart water bottle, a posture-tracking necklace, and a smart toothbrush attachment. Each tracker aims to build healthy habits in a more involved way than the “if you track it, you’ll be more motivated” promise of most lifestyle trackers. We plan to do this by hacking the reward system of the brain. Just as FarmVille uses variable, well-timed rewards and the delayed and instant gratification of the investment of effort to addict you to a game, our app and ecosystem will use these strategies to addict you to good health habits.


What Brings Opter to the Spotlight:

Habit tackers that bring you towards life!


Opter Website: http://opterlife.com/

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