Passwork for Reduced Costs & Efficient Password Management

We are living in a digital age where “Passwords” are the most treasured items. Let it be the email, social network or financial portals, keeping your password secure yet memorable is a challenge.

Now let’s talk about the professional teams who have to deal with tens of different accounts every day. Remembering passwords is not the logical solution and recording them on your desktop or sharing with the team over messaging is not secure.

Passwork solves the problem very effectively. It is a safe and centralized cloud storage of passwords. No more forgot or lost passwords, no worries of sharing and no risk! Consider it the “Dropbox” for your company’s passwords.

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It’s not just about storing and sharing passwords within organization, but you can also track the password actions history. Besides that, it offers public API, open source algorithms and self-hosted solution whereby you can host Passwork on your server and the data can never be decrypted on Passwork servers.

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Passwork is a secure and reliable platform ideal for startups and small businesses as well as for individual professionals who have to deal with multiple accounts on daily basis.

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Passwork in Their Own Words:

Level up company IT-security, reduces costs and hidden risks of password management. Passwork simplifies and streamlines work with passwords in a company. Employees will never lose passwords, they can securely store and share them. Company administrators manage and track passwords access.

All data is encrypted in your client (browser, apps, plugins), and stored in the cloud — it’s safe and reliable.


What Brings Passwork to the Spotlight:

A safe and centralized storage of passwords for reducing costs and hidden risks of password management.


Passwork Website:

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