Photo Sharing App Memoir Rakes in $5.5 Million from Investors

Among other photo sharing phone application, Memoir has been able to maintain its ground and has generated $5.5 million in the second round of funding. As on date the current funding received by Memoir stands up to $6.7 million which they have generated in four rounds. So far the money has come in from 11 investors including Thrive Capital, Box Group, Founder Collective, SV Angel and  more. The details of the investment allocation has still not been revealed, but its believed largely it will be utilized in technology development.

Photo Sharing App Memoir

Using this mobile application, you can transform your photos into interesting memories. This application allows you to choose and share photos with your friends and family and they become part of your Memoir.

It eliminates the need of organizing or tagging and allows you to filter photos by dates, places, people or even context. It integrates your photos across various social platforms including iPhones, Facebook, LinkedIN, Foursqure and others.  All the photos are held securely on the cloud server.

The ubiquitous spread of the mobile phones and the ease of photo taking has proved to be a boon for this app. Our albums or photo galleries are filled with all such memories and Memoir makes photo sharing fun and interesting.


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