Plum LightPad – Control The Lights From Anywhere

Plum LightPad is a unique smart light controlling system that allows the users to control the lighting via an app installed in your smart devices. It connects to your WiFi network without the needs of various dongles, gateways and bridges. The initial setup is also very easy and the cost involved is quite attractive.

Not only Plum LightPad helps to cut on your electricity costs but also it deter thefts and unauthorized entry by means of programmed lighting. Its ease of use makes it usable for amost all age groups. You can add customized lighting theme to various rooms to create special effects for various occasions.

plum image

Plum in their own words: We have created a device which not only helps to control the intensity of the light but enhances the user experience to a great extent. All you need to do is to launch the Plum app and control the lights from anywhere.


Why Plum is in spotlight?  Plum offers a unique lightpad which makes the lighting and application control easy and convenient to use. It is economically priced and provides an amazing convenience of controlling the lights through your smartphone sitting anywhere in the world.


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