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You have just prepared your will to protect your family when you die, but how will they find it? It is important to place it somewhere your loved ones can find it easily, i.e. in a safe at your home or the lawyer’s office, etc. But wait….. Are you sure they’ll get it from thee? Not sure, of course!

To make sure that your loved ones duly receive the documents you left for them, you must consider Post Post which ensures that the key information will be sent and received by the right person at the right time.

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For as low as $1/month you can secure your confidential documents with Post Post. You define the follow up time and they remind you exactly on the specified time to reset the clock. In case if you do not reply, the documents are sent automatically to your specified person.

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Keep your files secure, ensure the delivery to the right person, simplify your life and have peace of mind with a few clicks. Just in case anything happen to you, the key information remains in the trusted hands and is delivered to the people whom it belongs to.

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Post Post in Their Own Words:

With Post Post you decide which files and information are stored in our secure servers and who will have access to these in case of death. Yes, you tell us who will receive your information if you are no longer present. You select the amount of time in which you want us to send a reminder, and if you answer it the time get reset, If you don’t answer any of the reminders, the documents will be send automtically to the emails you have choosen.

So if you have a will, a love letter or any important file we can send it to anyone you chose when you were alive.Your information will remain encrypted in our secure and certified servers.


What Brings Post Post to the Spotlight:

It makes it easier to keep confidential and important information safe and accessible to our loved ones, partners and / or persons of interest.


Post Post Website:

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