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If you have ever used Reddit, Digg and other entertainment, social networking, and news websites where registered community members can submit and vote on content, such as text posts or direct links; you must know their importance in boosting your business.

Such portals are great, but they are kind of biased most of the times. Reason for me saying biased is because, they value content from influencers most; thus content of great value from a new member is lost beyond some nonsense stuff from power users.

Ideally the most discussed/liked/ content should be on top regardless of the fact that who posted it, and the value should be in the content, not in the user.

Postwaves is a new type of low maintenance online forum, that is more productive, unbiased and scalable, i.e. it allows anyone to create a public or private board for a community based around their interests and submissions are shown to a random cross section of the community to vote on, ensuring all posts have an equal chance of being seen.

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Do try it, have some productive discussions, share your ideas with other and learn from others’ experiences. Postwaves will make sure that your posts get maximum exposure.

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Postwaves in Their Own Words:

Postwaves solves the problem that power users have control of the subreddits/social news sites they take part in. There is a steep learning curve for anyone joining sites like Reddit regarding getting their posts seen when they first join. Postwaves Posts that are submitted are voted for are shown to a random cross section of the community to vote on, ensuring all posts have an equal chance of being seen.

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What Brings Postwaves to the Spotlight:

Equal opportunity for all users!


Postwaves Website:

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