Product Slider for Making Products More Visible & Obvious on Website

Website carousel or slider is the technology that allows a series of images to briefly appear on the home page, in an ordered rotation. The technology was much appreciated by most of the small businesses as it allows multiple messages designed for multiple personas to appear above the fold screen. Well, the truth is that the carousels are bad for conversion!

Yes, the low CTR, low level of engagement, bad usability and interaction design for carousels on desktop & mobile devices altogether hurt the conversions and so the revenues.

Product Slider is a useful alternative; it makes the products more visible by featuring products in such a way that they all have an equal or higher chance of being interacted with. And, better product visibility increases the chances of engagement & sales.

Product Slider (Browser)

Moreover, it is faster & easier; allowing users to navigate smoothly. Images are size optimized to load quickly. Clear space for call-to-actions increases conversions and limiting the slides to 5, keeps the cognitive overload low. And above all, it’s fully responsive and works great on all devices.

product slider image 1

product slider mobile

Whether you are a designer, developer, Shopify owner, running an ecommerce store, digital agency, or a web template factory, Product Slider would make your website more beautiful, highly engaging and more effective for conversions. Do give it a try!

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Product Slider in Their Own Words:

Product Slider makes your products more visible & obvious on your website, get you more clicks, and increase your sales. It solves following problems:

– Low click through rate and sales on carousels.

– Low engagement because of ineffective carousels.

– Bad usability and interaction design for carousels on desktop & mobile devices.


What Brings Product Slider to the Spotlight:

1% of people click through carousels. Product Slider fixes that.


Product Slider Website:

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