Pros and Cons of Utilizing Bus Stop Adverts

Did you know that bus bench advertising will offer you a range of benefits for your small business? At the same time, there will be significant limitations. Some of these limitations can make it a rather inappropriate advertising medium for some marketing strategies or certain products.

You need to understand all of the drawbacks and benefits of bus bench advertising prior to spending a great deal of money on a campaign that is not going to be effective. We have your back with a list of both the pros and cons of adverts on bus benches.


The Pros

Affordability – The cost effectiveness of your bus bench advertising campaign will be right at the top of the column labelled pros. When compared to other kinds of advertising, the cost per ad is actually pennies on the dollar. Be sure that you are buying enough locations and advertising time to really make a difference.

Street Level Placement – Your bench ads will be located at street level, which makes them ideal for advertising to drivers and pedestrians in any urban centre.

Geographic Targeting – Unlike broadcast or print ads, bench advertising can be targeted in a way to hit certain geographic areas. At the same time, geographic targeting can be used as a foundation for targeting consumer demographics or B2B based upon the foot traffic and bus ridership.

Route Based Repetition – Bus stop advertising located on a stationary bench will leverage the power of repetition for anyone who passes by them at least one or more times each day during their routine.

24/7 Coverage – Just like a billboard, a bench ad will work for your business all hours of the day. When combined with multiple advertising placements, you can improve your 24/7 marketing potential by a great deal.


The Cons

Space Limitations – Bus bench adverts will cut back on the amount of space that you have to get your message across. If it is not a message that is right to the point and appealing, it is not going to be impactful.

Quick Viewing – Pedestrians and drivers might only see your ads for a few seconds while passing by. Trying to design ads that are going to make an impact in a flash can be a bit of a challenge.

Zero Differentiation – The spacing limitations of any bench ad will make it difficult to try to make your products stand out, unless the products are rolled in with a larger marketing campaign.

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