Protect Your Phone with popSLATE

The widespread use of smartphones has lead to a sharp increase in the demand of phone cases.

Majority of the cases that you will see in the market are similar . However, now you can say say good by to your run of the mill plastic and rubber cases as popSLATE provides you with a smart cover which is prepared using the next generation technology. This case is always on and connected and 100% customized for you.

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This product integrates thin, superior design and low power that will help you to save precious battery time and provide you with anytime, anywhere access to your favorite apps.


popSLATE in their own words: popSLATE is not only a smartphone accessory that protects your phone but provides various add ons like Maps, Calenders, To-Do Lists which further enhances the utility of your device.


Why popSLATE is in spotlight? Unlike one-size-fits-all cases popSLATE provides you a brilliant opportunity  to show off your phone.  It is made up of latest ultra durable E Ink materials which can protect your device to a much greater extent as compared to the other rubber and plastic cases. It wont be wrong to say that it is indestructible.


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