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Search Engines are everyone’s best buddies today, as it’s the most convenient and cost effective way to find what you are looking for. Yet most of the time, we as users feel less satisfied searching online for desired material. Search results are mostly generalized information, and one has to scan through the piles of similar information to come to the desired one.

BizB offers solution to this big problem. BizB knows your search needs and serves you accordingly. It is a unique search engine that focuses on user data, hence it provides you with reliable and more targeted results. It knows its users needs on personal level as it creates social connection among users with similar interests. These social connections are helpful in judging the reliability of online sources on the basis of user feedback.

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So, BizB is able to know your specific needs because it focuses on user history and social data to come up with user centered information. For now, it’s more helpful search engine for college and university students working on their research thesis, however the company can grab a big market if this specific market segment supports it.

Further, the BizB team is also working on BizB ’Smart, a feature with which you can look for up to date info on an already known topic. You get the latest and new info through BizB ‘Smart’ as it intelligently filters out the already known data and sends only the most up to date one your way.

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BizB in Their Own Words:

BizB is a machine learning software/search engine designed for research and specific content queries. We integrate innovative algorithms, user history, and social data to give users the most efficient, effective, and valuable content in relation to the information they seek.


What Brings BizB to the Spotlight:

It’s more targeted, aiming to save your time and deliver you the most appropriate information!


BizB Website:

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